About Us
In the history of interiors a prestigious place is always reserved for Inlaid / Clad / Mosaic work of art. This process of design & work is an ancient concept & it is here to reign for ages to come. These works of art require delicate & skilled craftsmanship, which is recognized & appreciated all over the world.
For over two decades based upon this ancient tradition & artisian craftsmanship our company "Artecraft" has been producing beautiful, eternal Mother Of Pearl Furniture Models, Tiles & Mosaics for interior of spaces like Bedrooms, Living rooms, Bathrooms etc. Our Products incorporate concepts in classic, modern, contemporary; fantasy, theme & artistic styles with innovations adapted to today's trends of decorations enhancing the beauty by inlay and overlay creations. These are infused with the spirit of excellence, unbending attention to details in search of ultimate quality.
The prerogative of our company is production of models in a wide range of custom designs since we count on our total in-house production facility for processing & finishing of Mother Of Pearl, Gemstones, Wood, Marble etc. These enable us to create unique models. The high quality of Artecraft creations, above & beyond material & validity of design lies essentially in manual skill of its craftsmen whether production of classic patterns or innovative novelties.
The products we provide are unique, natural / original and exclusive to the setting of your status & standards. Our customer can recognize the real masterpieces, which grows in reputation & value with time. Our products are incorporated in the designs for luxury projects like Villas, Palaces, Royal & Presidential suites, offices, luxury yachts, and aircrafts.
Our company has made a trademark of its own for quality, design, tradition & craftsmanship which will last for generations to come.
All our products come with certificate of guarantee.
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